About Me

My name is Lindsay Perro and I am an educational writer and content developer.
After spending 8 years as a Middle School Math Teacher, I am now following
my passion and focusing on creating quality educational resources to make
​your job easier and keep students engaged and excited about math!

My last teaching position was in Math Intervention. In this position I worked with at-risk math students in grades 6-8. I quickly realized how bored they were by traditional textbooks and traditional ways of teaching. Since I didn't have a specific curriculum to follow I was able to work based on what the students needed. That flexibility really helped me embrace the idea of creating my own curriculum and resources. I discovered that students might hate worksheets, but will jump at the chance to practice fraction operations if it was a coloring activity. Yes, even middle school students love to color! I started to go by the thinking, "If I'm bored making the answer key, they'll be bored doing the work too!" That drastically changed the way I taught.

I've been blessed with two wonderful children and the opportunity to take time away from the classroom to focus on being a Mommy to them, while working from home doing what I love! 

My goal is to help math teachers bring their students out of the math textbook and into a hands on, interactive and fun learning environment. By taking students beyond the worksheet and into things like board games, coloring pages, stations, riddles and more, we are able to allow them to have fun while learning.